Flagstone Products in Christiansburg, VA

Arrow Stone Creations has flagstone products in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures. We offer durable and low-maintenance natural stone products, and our flagstones are great for outdoor projects like patios, walkways, pathways, and garden stepping-stones. We will work with you to determine the design so you have the right estimate of stones for each project.
Because flagstones are natural, and come in different colors and sizes, no stone is identical. Every flagstone walkway or patio is unique in beauty and design. When it rains, the natural composition of the stones allows the water to permeate instead of sitting on top of or running off. This prevents slipping on the wet stones.

Mtn Gray Flag — Flagstone in Christiansburg VA
Mtn Gray Flag
Rusty Brown Flag — Flagstone in Christiansburg VA
Rusty Brown Flag
Moss Standup Flag — Flagstone in Christiansburg VA
Moss Standup Flag
Lilac Standup Flag — Flagstone in Christiansburg VA
Lilac Standup Flag
Misty Gray Flag — Flagstone in Christiansburg VA
Misty Gray Flag
Field Mtn Flag — Flagstone in Christiansburg VA
Field Mtn Flag

Installing Flagstones

Flagstone is very easy to install on your own. First, you must dig out an area for the stone about 3" to 4" deep, and then you place a layer of compacted sand. Place your stone on top of the compacted sand and add grout with pea gravel, sand, mulch, or moss.

Installation Recommendations

If you prefer to have a contractor install your flagstone products, we can recommend one to do all of the work for you. However, you can save money if you have already dug out the area and compacted the sand before the contractor begins the installation.

Flagstone Ideas for Your Next Project

  • Flagstone Sidewalks
  • Flagstone Patios
  • Outdoor Flagstone Fire Pits
  • Flagstone Retaining Wall Capstones
  • Flagstone Walkways
  • Flagstone Stepping Stones
We can deliver flagstone to anywhere in the New River Valley Area, including Blacksburg, Radford, Christiansburg, Floyd, Pulaski, Dublin, and Pearisburg.
Call or visit Arrow Stone Creations at (540) 639-0724 for any flagstone pricing information, delivery questions, or special discounts.